Feb 18, 2009

Good Idea, Great Execution

For me is a mantra: a good idea with a poor execution ends up being a bad idea. A simple good idea with a great execution becomes a great idea. You can see that in advertising everyday and this is just one more example.

This French campaign for Alka Setzer -that won in Cannes in 2007- wouldn't be so delightful if it wasn't for the wonderful illustration. To start with, it is not easy to convey "upset stomach" or "acid indigestion" in black and white... and the images inside each stomach are just the cherry on top.

The concept behind it is "Dissolve your problems" and these are my two favorites:

Click to enlarge

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I know, these ads are nothing new but I just want to have them in my blog. In fact I would love to print them in a big size, frame them and use them to decorate my office!

You can see the whole campaign here.

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