Feb 12, 2009

On Darwin's Day

I was thinking in what to write to commemorate Darwin's birthday when a friend's email with this article from 1955 appeared in my inbox. It is a "Good Wife's Guide" from the magazine Good Housekeeping.

Click on the image to enlarge and read (the highlights are mine)

"You have no right to question him" as well as "remember, his topics of conversation are more important than yours" just left me speechless. I also find it funny the contradiction between "his boring day..." and some paragraphs later "what he might have gone through the day".

There is just one thing I can say after reading it (even if it sounds like an oxymoron): "Thanks God for evolution!"

PS: For the purists out there, I know that Darwin's evolution theory has nothing to do with this type of evolution, but I believe they 'connect' in some way.

Thanks Brig for the email, it really made me laugh!


Anonymous said...

It seems so much TOO much that i can't imagine it to be anything else than a fake. These are obviously ridiculous rules and i can't imagine one woman in the world (and even in the 50's) being educated enough to buy and read such a magazine and then to learn such advices. No way, man. This set of rules for good wife would only be sunstainable during a crisis period like WAR for example where it's not the time to discuss. So it seems a fake to me.

San said...

Check out what Snopes says about the article... check out the Do's and Dont's.

Even when I can't vouch for this one as it is I do have some others in Spanish with a similar tone, from the same time in history. I understand they sound unbelievable today but I have some stories from my grandma (that died when she was 101 years) that sounded like sci-fi to me!