Apr 3, 2009

It´s Friday, Prepare to Fight!

I am all for games. A lot of 'brain games' are specifically designed to help creativity flourish but very silly games can help in that sense too because they allow us our brain to rest ("think nothing") and recharge and "connect" with our subconscious mind.

Tomorrow (April 4th) is "International Pillow Fight Day" and if there is a silly game that will disconnect our brain for a little while, this is it. From Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur, more than 70 cities around the world (including NYC and Moscow) have scheduled a place and time for an old-fashioned pillow fight.

I am sure it will be a lot of fun. You can check here if there is a fight scheduled in your city and if there is, think about it as an anger-management therapy for free, pick a pillow and join the craziness!

PS: the picture at the beginning of this post is from a pillow fight in Buenos Aires where massive pillow fights has been organized since 2006, just on a different day.

Check out this raw video of the first one, that gathered more than 3000 people and lasted for more than an hour:

And now enjoy this much artistic one of last year's pillow fight in NYC.

1 comment:

Bill said...

I bet this would run into problems in the US as some jerk would go overboard and start really clobbering people. Someone always seems to take things too far.