May 7, 2009

A Beer Promotion "A la Kevin Bacon"

Who doesn't remember the "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon"? The whole theory behind that game (the six degrees of separation) was also what sparked the idea of online social networks like LinkedIn, FaceBook or ASW.

A brand in Australia picked up the same idea and gave it a twist: they are trying the theory in the real world.

"Six Beers of Separation"
, sponsored by Tooheys Extra Dry is about helping four Australians follow their dreams to get connected with someone they really admire. How it works? Aspirants were asked to film themselves explaining who is their hero and why they think their life would change if they could have a beer with them.

Four winners were chosen and they have received a six pack of Tooheys Extra Dry, $12K in spending money, a camera crew and 18 days to travel the world, to try to prove that they are just six degrees of separation between them and their idol. Here are the four selected contestants beginning their journey...

They are already on their way to get to their idol and people can follow their journey through webisodes available at

I simple love the idea. It's different, makes a good use of online media and goes perfectly well with the product. "Let's have a beer together" has been the starting point of thousands of friendships, love affairs and even business relations. It makes all the sense in the world to use a beer to try the six degrees of separation theory!

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Anonymous said...

Snooze. An over produced, boring, long ad.