May 14, 2009

Obama, The Food Critic

Lately a lot has been said about Obama and his relationship with food. Some right wing commentators -that apparently feel it's their duty to criticize everything that the guy does or says- have been bashing the President for ordering his burger with Dijon mustard instead of ketchup: "What kind of man orders a cheeseburger without ketchup but Dijon mustard?" (sic, Laura Ingraham, and she was not joking!)

I find those comments fascinating mostly for what they say about the ones issuing them. Laura, my dear, you should start dating more. There are men out there that are actually not afraid of trying new things, that know what they want and have no problem ordering their food the way they like it. Comments like yours, my dear Laura, are the ones that make some people feel that Americans are all brutes..., like there is just one correct way of eating cheeseburgers and that is the "American-with-ketchup way"!

Anyway. I think that most of the time they end up doing those stupid comments just because they are angry and full of envy. The guy clearly knows more than them in a lot of topics, food included. As this lost episode of "Check, Please!" shows, Obama has his personal opinions on food too and he can actually articulate these opinions. Here is his review of the Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop resturant, located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago:

The interesting thing about this episode is that it wasn't aired at the time...
It was taped back in 2001 when series creator and executive producer David Manilow called upon State Senator Obama (a friend of Manilow's) to appear on the show. Why it wasn't aired? According to the producers, the episode was shelved because Obama was "too good -- too thoughtful, too articulate, not enough of an amateur. He ended up dominating the conversation. It was unbalanced " Manilow said, "to put it charitably."

Of course once he got to be the POTUS, the episode was aired (three times, in January of this year).

I am sure that Laura and her pack of rabid dogs will have something to say about this too: The now President dares to name "gourmet food" and takes the opportunity to advertise in favor of small businesses. What a shame!

You be a good girl Laura, keep eating at McDonalds, favoring big corporations and eating "real" American food. Just ketchup allowed, of course.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I like my cheeseburger with Salsa Golf!!! Am I weird dear Laura Ingraham? I couldn't agree more with the blogger about the folow: "Laura, my dear, you should start dating more"

Deanya Lattimore Schempp IFL / Deanya Zenfold ISL said...

Great great! And thanks for the vid; hadn't seen it! :-)

Providence Blogger said...

I want to fly with New-Zealand Airways :)