Jun 5, 2009

It's Friday, Consider Body Painting!

Yeah, well, I know, body painting is not for everyone..., but it is in fact a form of art that can be used also in advertising.

As a sample, check this TV commercial for New Zealand Airlines. At first glance this ad may not look so atypical, until you pay attention to the men and women "in uniform"... yeap, it is body paint.

Some may think that going almost nude is a bold move but -let's face it- there is little you can see under the paint in this particular video.

What I think makes this campaign bold and different is the fact that the people in the ad are real employees of the company.... including the CEO! Yes, one of the guys taking care of the luggage is the CEO of the airline. You can see him being prepared in this "behind the scenes" video.

And while talking about body paint, if you are interested in seeing how far it can go, you should check out the website of the World Body Painting Festival. This year it will be in July (in Austria) but in the website you can see pictures and videos from the previous festivals. There are some pretty cool things done!

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