Jul 6, 2009

This Dog is Not Dead (Yet)

Alfred Hitchcock by Andres CascioliAt least here in the US, the "news" are still babbling about Michael Jackson's death. Not that is not a small tragedy, considering he was relatively young with 3 kids and with a possible big comeback in the very near future, but sometimes it seems like that is the only thing they can talk about.

Anyway. June has been kind of a tragic month when it comes to public figures, specially for someone like me, with my dual interest into what happens here in the US and in my native country, Argentina.

It started on June 3rd with David Carradine (not making the news anymore even when it is still not clear how that happened).

Then, on June 17th, Fernando Peña died, at just 46. With him, a lot of people died: Milagritos Lopez, Martin Revoira Lynch, and Cristina Patricia Megahertz among others (Peña was a great impersonator and these were the names of some of his creations).

Some days later, here in the US, Ed Mc Mahon died. Back to Argentina, on June 24, Andres Cascioli passed away. He was a great caricaturist and the founder of the magazine "Humor", a magazine that at some point was the only outlet for people that "think different" during our military years. Years later he also founded "Fierro" a great magazine for comic lovers.

Or course, here it comes June 25, with the news all over the death of Farrah Fawcett until the news of Michael Jackson came in. Since then, it seems like it has been all about MJ, but another "public figure" died, on June 28, Billy Myers. He may not have been an actor or a musician or even an artist but he was for sure "seen on TV".

To top it off, on July 1st Karl Maden died too. As I say before, what a month!

Now, around those days, someone else died. Not a person and not a public figure, but pretty close to me... I am talking about one of my computers.

So between one less computer and my new job (that has all my body aching for more sleep) I blog less and emailed less. What translated in emails from friends and foes asking "what's going on". Is the blog dead? What happened to the Ugly Doggy?

So let me be clear. No, this blog is not dead. It has not succumbed to the "June 2009 jinx". It just slowed down against my will, but it is still alive (and hopefully, biting)

There are more posts to come, I promise.

Now, about all these deaths... I have to admit that they make me feel a bit older. I watched Charlie's Angels and The Streets of San Francisco when I was a teen. I enjoyed David Carradine's performance as Kung-Fu and years later in Kill Bill. I was an avid reader of the magazine Humor, SexHumor and Fierro. I also danced my share of Michael Jackson's songs and I simply loved to hear "Milagritos Lopez" on the radio, with her Cuban accent and her Cuban attitude.

Man. A part of me feels like I am still 25 years old but..., maybe I am not!

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