Sep 2, 2009

I'm Back!!

Well, at least one of my computers is back!

Yeap, my two computers decided to die almost at the same time and I was left with my small old laptop, that may be great to travel but it is NOT what you want to blog and be a social twitter.

But finally, thanks to my beloved and skillful other half, one of my computers played the rol of Lazarus and came back to life. This does not mean that I will post everyday from now on (lots of stuff going on), but hopefully I will be able to catch up a bit. Meanwhile, my sincere thanks to all those friends and readers that contacted me to know what was going on...., it is nice to know that my ramblings are appreaciate, hey, even miss by some!


Anonymous said...

I know I missed you! That's for sure!


ZenCodeMonkey said...

Great picture for the post! LOL