Oct 15, 2009

Blog Action Day: Global Warming

Today is BAD. Not a bad day but Blog Action Day and the topic for this year is global warming.

As always I will "talk" about it with an ad, this time one from Brazil. It is a more or less recent campaign (aired in January this year) that uses a very simple analogy to help us perceive what some others are feeling already, thanks to global warming.

The agency behind the commercial is Ponto de Criação from São Paulo. Here, the ad:

While millions of people have seen that last shot more than once, I know that some do not take what is already happening seriously. I believe that this ad successfully conveys the fact that what is happening is not funny. At all.

Nevertheless, there are other arguments to be made about this problem.

I find particularly creative the list compiled by the Center for American Progress, a list towards what I call, "the selfish ones". Titled "The Top 100 Effects of Global Warming", it is not about hunger spreading or crops failing is about how global warming can affect your fun. Yes, your fun.

Some of the things in the list are: Say Goodbye to French Wines, Say Goodbye to Baseball, Say Goodbye to Lobster and Salmon Dinners and Say Hello to More Mosquitoes and Poison Ivy. If you want to read the whole list, here it is.

Global warming is a fact and it will affect all of us, sooner or later. It is really up to us to do something.

What can you do? Here is a list of ten things we can do to help stop climate change. Of course, it may be impossible to do all of them: I know I can consume less and unplug my electronics, but I also know that I will never -ever- go vegetarian willingly (I am from Argentina, remember?)

My point is that this is not about changing your ways all at once, but it is important to start taking as much steps as possible. At the end of the day it is a fact that no one can dispute that we have just one planet.


Anonymous said...

On one hand i say "ok let's not only think or talk about global warning but let's do something". But on the other hand i watch videos and confs that tell me : "YOU can do something about global warning".

Here is the point : YES, we can do something. But the trouble is that nobody knows WHAT (with the possibility that there is nothing effectively enough to do). This warning miss the point that DOING something wothout selecting the good one could also make it WORST..
And this is not "global warning" but real warning read from human history..

Catch it if you can.

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