Jan 1, 2013

Tell me what you are buying...

...and I will help you with cooking ideas!

This is a great idea from Hellmann's Brazil (Ogilvy). The brand teamed up with supermarket chain St Marche to install special software in 100 of its cash registers. The software recognizes when consumers are buying Hellmann's and also clocks any other item they are buying to came up with recipes that combined several of those ingredients, printing them out on the till receipt. This way the brand encourages people to use Hellmann's not just in sandwichs but for cooking and actually "gives a service" to anyone buying the product.

According to the brand, in the first month alone of the three month experiment, sales increased by 44%.

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GraceGuzman said...

I am glad you come back. This is a great idea and exactly what I need. Do you know if they are planning to extend this to Argentina?