Mar 26, 2007

I will probably watch this one...

...even when i think that this 'fascism in small scale' that we are living has nothing to do with taxes nor it comes from 1913. It is this goverment in particular (along with the McCarthy era) the ones that do not give a crap about rights and freedom, they just use those words to start wars.

Some people feels you exaggerate when you see a path to fascism in this government. Oh really? Do you know how many rights and freedom you have lost in one night? And as my boyfriend says, it takes years or decades to gain rights while it can take 2 seconds to lose them. And then, you may need again years or decades to get that back... not good.

I will always remember the explanation Ingmar Bergam gives at the beginning of his movie (The Serpent's Egg) about why that title when the movie was about how nazism started... He said something like: the raise of nazism was like the serpent's egg, everyone could see the monster that was growing but no one made anything to stop it before it was too late (note: the serpent´s egg are transparent, you can see thru them).

Well, anyway, this is the video I was talking about. Again, I am not sure about the tax idea, but I kind of agree about the Reps and Dems being two sides of the same mafia :))

BTW, it seems that the whole movie is in YouTube.