Mar 26, 2007

What I am doing now

While writing I am watching a small jewel when it comes to reality shows. I hate most reality shows, but this one is a big exception. It is called ¨Gene Simmons family jewels" and yes, is about the ¨demon¨ from Kiss and his family. And it is refreshing to see (for a change) a bunch of really smart people (the kids are wonderful, and yes, his son is not only smart but handsome, at least my type...) :)

Their slogan (Kiss your expectations goodbye) is perfect. After the Ozzy Osburne reality, you don't expect too much from rock starts, and in this case we are talking a a couple where he is a rock star and she is a former Playmate. But those kids are not the product of chance (one may be, but 2 smart and nice kids is not chance). After seeing it for a while, you can tell that is just a smart couple that have raised smart kids.

If you can, give it a try. Funny, funny, funny.

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