Mar 30, 2007

Rent-a-car & SunPass, Sunpass & Rent-a-car

Duh! Why rent-a-car companies are not offering the option to have a Sun Pass (or the local state version of it) when you rent a car? C´mon, is not so difficult to implement and they are offering GPS, 'pick you up', etc. Why not a SunPass?

It makes all the sense to me... Or maybe someone is doing that already but no advertising it?

Hey Hertz, Avis, someone... someone!?


GraceGuzman said...

if ideas are like bones... and this is your ugly doggy, what I can warranty, I am not sure to put my ideas....

San said...

For those that have no idea what she is talking about, Grace is terrified of Soy.. just because the poor little angel tried to bite her a couple of times... :D