Apr 4, 2007

April Fools (II) or "the most foolish Americans"

I have to thank Rob for this one. I enjoyed it so much that I played it like 3 times.

In this video, MSNBC "Countdown" looks at the "Eighth Annual Most Foolish American" survey with VH1's Paul F. Tompkins.

Britney Spears won the #1 position and the POTUS (*) got #4, but head to head against... Michael Jackson!

Still, what I enjoyed the most are the comments after the results. Just one sample: Why Britney won over Bush? "Well, we have been longer with the president, so we expect less from him" (what takes me to my everyday question.. how come so many people vote for such a fool?)

Between us, I am starting to believe that has to be related to "the American dream" and the idea that ANYONE in this 'generous America' can make it to a high position, anyone can success... aaaanyone...., including a C student, ex alcoholic, more than once failed business manager... (if he has the right family and connections, Sopranos' style)

But watch this video and come to your own conclusions, just wait until the last half, some comments are hilarious.

(*) Note for my friends in Argentina: no, it is not a joke, Bush is a POTUS because that means here "President of the United States". For my friends in USA: in Argentina we say that someone is a potus when someone is in a place for decorative purposes, but their real value when it comes to a brain is none. It is related to potus the plant, a cheap one that does not need sun, so you can have it inside your house and is usually used to fill an empty space. So when someone in a job is useless, we call that person a Potus. What a coincidence!


Unknown said...

Sandy. Since you come in to work sooooooo late, I am trying to find the definition of POTUS which I'm sure has a slang meaning in Argentina. I found this link http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=potus which didn't yield quite the results I wanted, but did get a few gem definitions. I thought you'd appreciate #6 "Peon Of Texas Undermining Society"

George W. Bush is the POTUS.

Use urbandictionary for all your slang needs (in English). I still need the Argentinian definition.

Jarek said...

Many years ago, when Spain was sending their own soldiers to Iraq, a headline in www.elmundo.es read: "Espana! alguien te USA."
I like the POTUS a lot.
Oh, one more thing: do you remember KGB? That acronym can be translated from Russian into Office of Homeland Security