Apr 28, 2007

Best Free Icons Ever

Yesterday in my daily couple of hours 'just browsing' the internet I came across the best free icons ever. It seems that the people of Yellow Icon are trying (with success) to build a database of icons but the premise to be accepted is that 'they have to be excellent'.

The idea is that designers can send their icons that will be available for free to the general public but in exchange they have a pretty good marketing, as each group of icons are displayed have not only the name of the designer, but their website as well. What makes the site also very useful if you are searching for good designers.

The database can be found under the 'icon base' tab, and its only big drawback is that it has 40 pages and no 'next' button or 'see all' option, but a dropdown menu to choose to what page you want to go. It took me sometime to go through all of them, but believe me, its worth the time (if you don't want to see them all, there is a search box but is not really acurate, as for example the database contains much more smileys that the ones that shows as the result of a search).

Some of the icons you can find here are based on themes like: Harry Potter, Ninja Turtles, Halloween, South Park, Superman, Scary Monsters, Corpse Bride, Star Trek, Fifa World Cup, Kill Bill but there are some more serious like 'antiques' and IPod related icons. And if you have kids with their own computer there are some icons for kids that I am sure they would like.

If you ever want to 'pimp out' your computer with style, our first stop for icons should be no doubt the Icon Base.


Unknown said...

Pimp My Ride is a great show, couldn't tell you the schedule, but appears on MTV2, speaking of pimping. Another sign MTV has absolutely nothing to do with music.

San said...

Yeah, but I still prefer "Overhauled"... I mean, I would rather have my car "overhauled" that "pimped out" :)) but I guess I am not anymore MTV's target...