Apr 5, 2007

Bs. As. vs. SoFla

I miss Buenos Aires. Is not a paradise, especially if you don't like big cities. But I like big cities. And I miss a good bunch of things from B.A., like:

- My friends
- Being able to do my supermarket shopping online at 3 am in pijamas and get the order delivered to my house the next morning (Publix, Whole Foods, someone???) I thought BA was the third world and So Fla the 2nd (you know, the border between the first and the third). How come I can't make my supermarket shopping online in the country that practically invented the internet?
- The concept of delivery (delivery of food, delivery of laundry, delivery of videos and dvd's almost aaaanything you want can be delivered to your house, not by mail in 2 days but by a person in less than half an hour)
- My friends
- A good number of restaurants open 24 hours (aaah, La Madelaine!) and hundreds open until at least 2 am
- Being able to go to the movies at midnight during the week and at 1:30 am during the weekends
- My friends and family
- The sounds of the city, cars honking, motors roaring, people cursing at each other :)
- My jewelry teacher
- Teaching at the university
- My house
- My cigarretes (Parisiennes!)
- The fast pace

What I like about SoFla:

- My boyfriend (it is all his fault that I ended here!)
- My job
- The mix of cultures at my job
- My jewelry teacher

Mmmmmm... so far, BA still wins. /:) I just need to move my boyfriend and my job and my jewelry teacher to BA and that would make it... ;)

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Anonymous said...

y la ciudad vaporosa e infernal luego de 34º c. de sensación térmica? y no taxis? subtes? ni siquiera colgada de la colita rutera de algún colectivo? y la caída de árboles? y el corte de luz? ayer no la hubieras extrañado. Me la juego