Apr 5, 2007

Damn! I agree with him!

One of the greater problems of being a 'freethinker' (that is how I consider myself) is that sometimes you agree with people that you do not like. Do not like AT ALL.

But because we are about ideas and not about dogmas or sides, it happens.

That is my case with Newt Gringinch. I do not like the guy, in fact I despise him. He is one of the many faces of hipocresy.

BUT, for once, and not without some sadness, I have to confess I agree with the guy when it comes to the need to make English the official language of the US. Ok, he didn't use the best way to explain the problem but he is right. This country needs an "official language" and common sense indicates it should be English. He is NOT saying (like some idiots in "Out of the open" were suggesting) that people should not learn a second language. What he is trying to say is that people need to learn the language of this country that is, the facto, English. And that they need to learn it not because he is a fascist but because is one thing needed to advance in this country.

There is nothing wrong with having an accent (and there is the Governator to prove that). There is nothing wrong with having a very very basic vocabulary (and there is the President to prove it).

But to really advance in this country you need to know some basic English. Basic enough as to be able to read a voting ballot. You can even say 'nucular' instead of nuclear, but you need to learn English as much as possible. And, sadly but true, the best way to teach people about this need is to make them feel the necessity.

What is wrong with the idea of an official language? Why it is such an issue? I would like to know (I really don't know) how many countries do NOT have an official language, like the US? All the ones I know do have at least one official one.

And, don't get me wrong, I am not saying that basic services like 911 should not have translators. They do. But there is no need to have everything, including the ballots, in Spanish and Vietnamese.

The less we learn English, the more we will leave 'just among us', yes, like in a ghetto. And I say 'we' because my native language is Spanish and I live in So. Fla. So, if I wanted to, I could be living most of the time just speaking Spanish, watching Spanish TV or hearing radio in Spanish.

But I choose not to. And I am not more 'anglo' for that. I am not necessary adopting another values. I have mines and I stay with them. But is a mix between respect (something that Americans should learn a bit more when they travel, BTW, understanding that when they visit France their OFFICIAL language is French, so don't act so upset if people do not speak English, it is their country you try to speak their language first...) and pride. I am not going to be part of a ghetto, I am not going to let a language limited, here or in China.

And I am not the only 'Hispanic' that thinks like that. You can read a very interesting article, "'Spanish only' may spell disaster" also wrote by an Hispanic.

So, again, I can't believe it but I do agree with Mr. Gingrinch. I do not like him, but in this one he is right.

And my dear reader, if you know other countries without an official languages, pls pls let me know! (and of course, if you are don't agree with my ideas, you are welcome to post your comments)

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Splendidly done is better than comfortably said.