Apr 6, 2007

Great ad!

As a former creative that worked for almost 10 years in advertising, it is impossible for me not to check the ads everywhere I go. But now, in the US, I am always thinking how more difficult it has to be to be a creative here, thanks to that crap (pardon my french) called 'politically correctness".

Yeah, thanks to that, it is really difficult to make a good joke, what also explains why the ads are still a bit more boring or better say, flat. Lot of special effects but poor jokes. But of course, there are exceptions, and here is one. A little diamond that can not be accused of biased or racist because at the end, it makes fun of everyone at the same level. Immigrants and New Yorkers they all are mocked equally.

So, here is Mr. Mencia giving a class to recent arrived immigrants on how to ask for a beer. Enjoy!

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