Apr 6, 2007

Creativity well used!

And talking about creativity and advertising, here some good ideas, none of them really 'politically correct' but none of them from the USA.

These first one is an excellent way of using an alternative media --from the airport in Venezia:

These other two are a bit more shocking but both made perfect sense for the products that they are selling.

1. Playboy, Germany (pray it rains boys!)

..and when it finally rains..

2. Piercing shop in Amsterdam, each bouncing an 'ouch!'

If you want to check more out of the box ads, check our source, The cool hunter.

1 comment:

ZenCodeMonkey said...

Geez... where did I left my "Hopi Rain Chants for Dummies" ?!? =P

Great ads! Down with 'politically incorrect'... not even the politicians are politically correct, why should we be ? ;P