Apr 27, 2007

Buying the War

Two days ago, by chance, I catched in PBS one of the best documentaries I have seen about the War in Iraq. It is not really about the war, but about the political propaganda used to get the country into this war. How this White House played their cards to trump the press. And how the press was half lazy and half scared to do their duty --that is to investigate the information they receive.

And with the press on their side, the road to the war was much easy for the Goverment. I hope a lot of people can see this program and learn something. I hope they see it and do not just blame the goverment for playing the media or the media for not doing their job. I hope they learn that we, as a the public, we all had the resources to check both of them before 'being for' a war. I hope the American Public can see how easy was to trump them into this mess.

It was very interesting to see journalists defending themselves, saying that they didn't doubt some information because it came from 'high sources'. Also good to see, how just two or three were in fact investigating the facts and reporting the lies, but how their stories never made it to the first page.

The program is 90 minutes long. But is worth every minute. Check it out.


Jarek said...

Brave New World

Iraq vet shows off bionic hand

The 27-year-old former soldier, who lost his left hand in 2005 during a patrol, is one of the first recipients of the i-LIMB.

"To have this movement, it's — it's amazing," Arredondo said Monday as he showed off the limb made by Scotland-based Touch Bionics. "It just gets me more excited about now, about the future."


I like the succinct application of the word "future" here ... Truly, truly breathless again ...


San said...

What I also like is the detail that the i-LIMB was not even made in the US... !