Apr 12, 2007

Hypocrites! All hypocrites! (or the Imus' Show part II)

In the list of things I truly hate, hypocrisy is among the ones at the top. Hypocrisy means "do what I say but not what I do" but also can be defined when someone condemns, demand punishment or verbally attack someone else for acts which they practice themselves.

So, by that same definition we can consider both reverends Mr. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton the biggest hypocrites of this story. Not the only ones, of course, as CBS and MSNBC and the advertisers and the whole society share their part.

So why I consider both reverends the biggest hypocrites? Simple. They pushed more than anyone, as 'leaders of the African American community' to get Imus fired. Not punished for an awful mistake, but fired. They condem among other things the fact that Imus makes money from 'insulting and offending'. Wow! Exactly what gangsta rappers and hip hop and other members of their so sacred community are doing. Still, I haven't see any of the reverends calling to boycott those 'musicians' that are also aired on public airwaves.

So, it seems that offensive and sexist words as the tool to make money should be punished differently when the offenders are from their same race. What at the end, make both reverends racist as well. Sad, really sad.

Again, don't get me wrong, I believe that what Imus said was reprehensive. But the reverends showed no mercy and wanted the man, not the act, to be punished. Probably because is the same act their own use every day to sell their 'music' and make tons of money in the process.

And why I am calling everyone else hypocrites? Simple. The companies and advertisers where with the show not because it was a naif and well mannered one, but a one with an apparently huge number of followers and all the ingredients to be really controversial.

And we, the public, we are also hypocrites. We let all this happen.

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