Apr 13, 2007

Lets euthanize kids (they attack, believe me!)

Today reading the New York Times I came across the story of Duke, a dog that may be euthanized because he chased and bit another dog twice.

On the other hand, everyone, including his handlers at his ´prision´where he is awaiting for the final sentence, considers Duke a nice, calm dog, not aggressive in nature.

I just can´t believe it. Normal dogs have their likes and dislikes as we have. My dog for example has some kind of alpha male syndrome that would get him in trouble (and real trouble) as he may be ok with some dogs but he would not be ok at all with some others and would start a fight even when his chances of winning are less than zero. And because he is particular jealous of any other dog approaching me in the streets he would not be friendly with them in front of me.

So it is MY responsability to make sure that nothing happens. And by nothing I mean also by his own safe (one day at the park, my skinny medium size mutt decided he didn´t like 3 very mean looking dobermans that were coming towards us and HE want to attack THEM!). But he is, believe me, a sweet mutt that is not aggressive at all. He just don't like some other especific dogs. He does not know about laws, I am the one that knows. So I am the one that needs to be sure that he would not get in trouble. But if he gets in trouble, I AM THE ONE that should pay for that in some way, not him and not with his life.

I find this situation pathetic and unfair. As with soooo many other things, this society wants to put the responsability someplace else, on the wrong subjects. The same way that they try to blame things like Columbine on video games. Video games are not to blame, PARENTS have the biggest share of responsability. Believe me I have seen 5 year old kids being really mean to each other or to smaller ones. Should we euthanized them too? They attack! And more than once!

Dogs, like kids, do not understand the law. Duke should not pay with his life for having his issues with the neighbor´s dog. Is the other way around, his owner should be punished for not taking care of Duke, knowing that the sweet guy could turn not so friendly in some especific situations (like you and me, btw...).


Paulo said...

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Anonymous said...

i dont like to comment, but your post made my day and so i shall!