Apr 27, 2007

Ideas for Free

The "Idea a day" site has some, uhm, not so great ideas. But they are there for free, so you may expect not to find the best ones. But there are some exceptions.

Here is one:

I think this is a GREAT idea. More so for countries like mine, Argentina, where voting is not optional but required... sooo many times I had no clue for who to vote but I was so sure about who I didn't want in power!!!

As seen in Idea a Day


Unknown said...

The idea itself is food for thought, but it is also extremely narrow-minded when they take their point from voting against a candidate to voting against a party. Doesn't each candidate deserve to be evaluated on her own merits? The party-line vote option is a terrible idea that does exist on ballots.

San said...

You are right. I had the same thought when reading it... but I believe he is talking about candidates. Still you have to remember that the same way some people could vote against 'a party' by this system there is a still a lot of people nowadays that votes based on parties and not on the candidate...