May 9, 2007

April Fools' the geek way

Thanks to Dani for the info about this book!

I must confess that I found it a bit geeky even for me, meaning... uhm let's say ´too technical´. But I trust the source that it is probably hilarious if you know enough about RFC´s to begin with.

So I am sure my geek friends will get a good laugh from it.

This is the story behind the book:

RFCs are the documents that the IETF publishes to document how the Internet works.

On April 1 of each year sometimes one or two are published that are parodies. This book collects them all under one cover in a book suitable for your coffee table, office, or hidden somewhere so your friends don't know how geeky your humor is.

Interested? You can get it here.

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