May 23, 2007

A matter of taste...

Seriously, this is just a matter of taste (and means, of course).

I find both things, uhm, 'not something I would buy' not only because they seem useless to me (I am still alive and I do not have a baby) but they are definitely not my taste.

Still I am not surprised to know there is a market for these products out there. In our days there is without doubt a market for anything... it depends on how you "present" it (positioning matters!)

Odd thing #1: "Personalized coffins" (for grownups and children)

Odd thing # 2: White Gold and Diamond Pacifier (that of course SHOULD NOT be used by babies...!)

You can see more pictures @ Oxford Coffins and @ Personalized Pacifiers

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A nivel regional los primeros en desarrollar esta idea fueron los brasileros: y claro que la variedad se inició con la personalización por cuadro de fútbol.
No obstante MI equipo hace rato que está muerto y sin tanto alto marketing. :(