May 30, 2007

Priceless Mastercard -the China version

The One Show China program,organized by the The One Club, has delivered some interesting campaigns this year.

The Gold-winning MasterCard campaign went to an agency called Tianjin Back Sea, who added a dark twist to the "Priceless" campaign so well known worldwide.

A "cat lady" abandoned by her human children, a doll collecting childless couple, and a trasvetite whose "priceless" desire is to "be able to dress the way you want" are the central pieces of the winning campaign.

I wasn't able to find a translation for all the ads, but I can imagine what is 'priceless' in each case.

1. Childless couple, collecting dolls:

2. Without her kids, but with her cats:

While the Western version works more on the funny side of life, it is really interesting to see the Chinese approach to what may be considered 'priceless' in life.


Unknown said...

Where did you get those ads?! I would definitely love to see them close up. I'm building a pseudo campaign for MasterCard in China and I'm having difficulty finding ads.

San said...

Hannah, I can't contact you directly as you don't have your profile available to the public. The ads are available at the site linked in the posting (The One Club). A more direct link is:

Hope this helps!