May 30, 2007

Re-thinking Coca Cola Blak

When Coca Cola Blak appeared in the market, I was happy and sad at the same time.

Happy, because anything that means another way of consuming caffeine is fine with me.

Sad, because some months ago, thanks to a Colombian friend I have tried the Juan Valdez version of the same beverage and my first thought was that once again a big giant company was copying a small one, with better chances of success.

Nevertheless, the Juan Valdez beverage is not easy to find in SoFla and Coca Cola Blak is. So, from time to time I would buy Blak. Not very often though, because a) I still prefer the Valdez version (obviously you can taste more and better coffee in that one); b) I found Blak a little expensive considering is just Coca Cola with a bit of coffee and c) there is not a "diet" version available.

But the revenge has come.

Now, in almost any gas station when you buy your normal coffee you can get for free "Stok" (see picture below) a small caffeine "add on".

So each time I stop for a coffee, I would take with me one or two Stok, the unsweetened version. And then, spending just 50 cents or so in a can of Diet Coke, I can have my own "Blak" my way. Just add one or two of these coffee shots to your preferred Cola (Diet, Zero, regular, etc.) and you got more Blak for less money.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one that has figured this out (and if I am please feel free to use my recipe!) and I am wondering how long would Blak stay in the market.

Considering that they copied Juan Valdez' idea, if Coca Cola Blak now fades out from the market, it seems to me like poetic justice. If Blak disappears I will not be sad..., as long as Stok is still available, of course!


Connie T. said...

I just found the stok the other day. Does it make a difference? I have some but have not used it yet.

San said...

Hey Connie, I am not sure it makes a great difference when you use it in your coffee. But I am immune to caffeine so I am not the best to judge.

Now, to use it on Colas to make your own version of "Blak" is perfect!

BTW, wecome to uglydoggy! :)