Aug 7, 2007

Conscient Ashtrays

My favorite ashtray in the world is the one my father has in his office from before I was even born. It has the shape of a skull and inside is carved as a skull and under the smiling "face" it reads:

"Asi vas a quedar,
si no dejas de fumar"
("This is how you will end if you don't stop smoking")

When I started smoking, my father would always offered me THAT ashtray if we were at his office and it was a pleasure for me to use it. Of course, my thinking was that I would end like that ANYWAY, smoker or not smoker. (I wish I had a picture of "skull ashtray", I have to remember next time I go back to visit my parents to take a picture... or better still I can come back with the ashtray!)

Now, some company is designing a similar but better idea, if you want to give someone an ashtray to make them think about quitting.

Is still in concept stage and the idea behind it is that the ashtray would measure the ash in it to estimate or better said guesstimate how many days or months or years you are throwing away each time you light a new cigarette.

THAT is an idea. I may not worry about the skull, I would end like that anyway, but having a constant reminder that is telling me that I have less and less and less to live... that may work.

Via: ImovateDesign Uk

Now, if you don't care about how long you want to live but you care about smoking in your car with your non smoking friends, (and you are a bit geeky) this is the ashtray for you:

Powered by the USB tether or by a couple of AAA batteries, drop the top and on come the headlights and fan to keep the air free of second-hand smoke. Of course, the ashtray section can even be removed for a quick wash.

Via Engadget

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