Aug 8, 2007

Giant LegoMan wash out in Netherlands' beach

From the news: A giant plastic Lego man has been fished out of the sea at the resort town of Zandvoort, in the Netherlands.

Workers at a beachside drinks stall saw the the smiling giant, which is 2.5 metres tall, floating in the sea and dragged it to shore. It has the distinctive trademark yellow Lego head and hands, a blue torso and red legs.

'We saw something bobbing about in the saw and we decided to take it out of the water,' one of the workers of the Skyline Beach bar told said. 'It was a life-sized Lego toy.'

While it is currently unknown as to where the Lego man originated from, some believe that it swam across the channel from England.
One women said: 'I saw the Lego toy floating towards the beach from the direction of England. Nobody knows what it is – or means.'

Regardless, it has now found a new home on the white sand beach at Zandvoort, where it is becoming something of a star attraction with families holidaying in the area.

Now, from my point of view, it seems a pretty clear marketing campaign, especially considering that Lego will be celebrating the company's 75th birthday tomorrow (Master carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen started the company on August 10, 1932 in his studio in Denmark).

Still I am a bit amazed that no one has said anything about from where it comes, not even the company. If it was a campaign there should be another Lego washing out somewhere else. Or a good number of them. Or maybe they were supposed to appear after August 10th and not before that date?

Now, is it fair that the poor guy gets grabbed by the ass by the girls?
There is no respect anymore for strangers in Netherlands?

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ZenCodeMonkey said...

the only thing I thought was that, were it a giant Lego with a cuban cigar found floating on Miami Beach, that would certainly have made Carlos Mencia's day LOL