Aug 14, 2007

Skulls are Lovely

I have always loved skulls. I find them interesting and at the same time a reminder of our mortality and of the fact that under our ugliness or beauty, we all have (more or less) the same structure.

I think it runs in the family. My father has a couple of things (like the ashtray I was telling you in a previous post) with the shape of a skull.

And as a team we, ahem, ahem, we *tried* to get the skull of his grand grand mother, but without results..., he wanted to have it in his studio and I wanted to inherited it and make a lamp, --but that is another story.

Going back to the skulls, they are the symbol of danger (from the pirates' flag to the poison icon), as well as the the symbol of death (do you remember the brand of cigarrettes called "Death" that was originally from the UK? That was a great idea!).

Now, "For the love of God", a skull has become a jewel, and one of the most expensives ones in the world, considering not only material used but the time and dedication that it took to become one.

"For the love of God", that is the name of the piece, cost 28 million to be done and is selling for 100 millions but makes all the sense in the world if you see how much work it means. You can see how it was done, step by step, here.

And below you can see some pictures of the finished piece.

What is your take with skulls? Indifference? Like them, love them, hate them...? What do they represent for you?

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