Sep 27, 2007

Ever Seen a ResumeMap?

More and more often, job seekers are doing whatever it takes to catch the attention of possible employers (remember the Marijuana Smuggler Resume?).

Lately the buzz has been around the video resume. Call me outdated and antiquated but I would never go that way except if it was a specific request from the employer and I was extremely interested in that company and position.

But today I came across a really different resume: a resume done over a Google Map. Ozgur Alaz, trendspotter, brand planner, and one of the writers of an interesting but kind of abandoned marketing blog (marketallica) made his resume using Google Earth.

You can see his 'map-resume'(?) here.

I would not use this resume under normal circumstances BUT as someone said in Ozgur's blog, it clearly says that "I believe in the power of technology and i’d like to differentiate myself from .pdf masses".

Probably useful to present at Google or at a techie gaming company, but not recommended for the average HR manager...

If you have stories of weird resumes, or you have been really creative with yours, send us the story if it is good it will be published!

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