Sep 27, 2007

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town... the form of an IKEA store! Yes, yes, yes, we will finally have an IKEA in SoFla. It seems that the opening will be pretty soon, right on schedule (according to their press release from last year the opening was planned for this Fall).

I pass by the site everyday in my way to work (NW 136 and SR 84). The building is almost finished by now and a couple of days ago I have seen their first ad in TV (local ad). Just a branding ad, no announcement of the opening, not an address, but the fact that they are doing branding already make it clear that the Swedish Santa is coming to town pretty pretty soon.

I can't wait to see if they would also launch some type of guerrilla marketing. They have done some outstanding ads and marketing actions in the past, like dressing up bus shelters in NYC (see below) for the “Everyday Fabulous Exhibition” hosted in NYC last year.

You can see here more of their actions for the NYC exhibit and some other ads and actions done around the world.

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