Sep 19, 2007

For Those Who Believe in Slogans...

I can't help but noticed that some people believe in slogans with their eyes closed. One perfect case is the ones that DO believe that Fox is "Fair and Balanced". If you share their views, that is fine with me (well not really, but lets fantasize) but the fact that you share their views does not mean that they are in fact "fair and balanced". It just means that they think like you.

Anyway, if any proof is needed of how unbalanced and unfair they are, here is a very nice and simple one. Watch not only the numbers of guests at the end, but the minutes during the video:

If you want more "elaborate" proof you can read my previous posting about Fox's ugly star, Mr. O'Reilly (warning, it requires READING and can be considered as 'intellectual' either of which Fox lovers tend to dread!)

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