Sep 19, 2007

The "Good Ol' Days"

When I started teaching 'Creativity applied to Advertising', I got my hands into several historical reels donated by ad agencies. It didn't take too long to realize that the advertising history of a brand may say a lot about how the brand has changed its positioning, but it can also tell how much the world has changed.

I am not talking superficial changes --the ones that we all recognize, like hair styles, dressing styles or make up styles, or how our phones have changed and our way of using them. I am talking about values and perceptions.

Social changes can be studied by just seeing old ads, and you can find here two very good examples, that I believe speak by themselves.

1. Winston cigarrettes 'a la Flinstones':

2. And from Argentina, a Quilmes (beer) ad, in a hospital environment, with doctors and nurses drinking beer

Both ads are from the early 60's and we know that none of this ideas could even be suggested today.

BTW, if you have other examples, please let me know!

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