Sep 13, 2007

ID for Cows (yeah, I am not kidding!)

Bureaucrats and goverment authorities tend to be the worst to think out of the box for efficient solutions. We have enough examples here in the US, but these news from India almost top any brilliant idea from the Bush Administration (almost!).

Authorities in India say crime syndicates find it easy to tamper with branding or tattooing of the cattle -- hence the idea for photo identity cards which should be 'difficult' (?) to falsify.

Valid for two years, each laminated cattle ID card displays the picture of the animal and its owner. It also carries vital information about the animal, such as its colour, height, sex and length of horns, as well as the owner's name and address and sometimes other details about the animal -- like one "horn missing" or "half tail lost".

Does anyone really think this will improve security? Or it would just create a new industry for faked cow ID's?

Original post at BBC, found via Scheiner in Security (thanks to Mauricio)

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