Sep 13, 2007

That Round American Obsession

At first I thought it was just a coincidence. Oreo milkshake, ice cream with Oreo crumbs, Oreo Blizzards, Oreos everywhere.

One day, watching the Food Channel, I learned about the 'fried Oreos'... I don't care how good they are (and my guess is that they probably are!), I know I gained 5 pounds just by saying out loud "Fried Oreos" while my cholesterol raised too, to the point I felt a heart attack was near... all that without even trying them!

So there was the confirmation I needed. Yes, Americans are obsessed with the black round cookie to the point that they 'shake' it, they blend it and the fried it...

There is not too much more that you can do with an Oreo right?


Dominos Pizza now offers an "Oreo Pizza" as dessert. Yes, an Oreo Pizza and so far I haven't seen many people surprised by this offer. Maybe is my italian blood, but I can't stand the idea. I am not going to try it (just in case I like it!) ;) and at some level I find it a bit of an insult to call that pizza. But again, I am not (north) American, I am not obsessed with Oreos and I have a great respect for good pizzas.

Their ad for this novelty on the other hand is slightly funny but slightly gross, at least for me. You can watch it here and below you can see a picture of the monster.

Now, a couple of innevitable questions:

1. How much do YOU like the idea of having an Oreo Pizza for dessert?
2. How come people are still 'worried' about obesity growing in this country and still eat fried Oreos and Oreo Pizza?

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