Sep 29, 2007

My New Credit Card

I saw this 'credit card' when visiting Key West and I decided I have to have it. It synthesizes in one card a lot of things that I am, plus some others that I have become since I moved to the US:

1. I always felt like an Alien in this world, just because at least half of the time the world does not make sense to me.

2. By coming to the States the 'alien' term became more real: while in English (you know, the original) I would be called a 'foreigner', in American English they refer to the ones like me as 'alien'

3. I am here with an H1B visa..., now in the process of getting my "green card" =))

4. My dog's name is Soy (If I ever have a corporation I would not discard the Soylent name)

5. I plan to live long ;)

Before you ask, no, I don't look SO weird. Just a bit... ;)

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