Sep 29, 2007

The Eden Goes Museum

Some time ago, I heard for the first time about the "Creation Museum", a 'museum' dedicated to illustrate the tales of the Bible. It really troubles me that no one seems to oppose to that definition.

I do understand the 'freedom of speech' as well as the freedom to believe in what you want, aliens included, but the use of word 'museum' really really (REALLY) bothers me. To start with, they have replicas, not originals. But to make things worst, they say that: "The Creation Museum presents a 'walk through history'. Designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director, this state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life" what clearly means that is not a walk through history, but a walk through a story, as Disneyland presents a 'walk through Cinderella's story'.

A place like that could be called 'Bibleland' but shouldn't be allow to use the word Museum. The Museums Association definition (adopted 1998) reads: "Museums enable people to explore collections for inspiration, learning and enjoyment. They are institutions that collect, safeguard and make accessible artifacts and specimens, which they hold in trust for society."

I wonder if this place is safeguarding the apple Eve gave to Adam or the skin of the snake that precipitated the expulsion of men from paradise.

Definitely, the fact that this place is using the word 'museum' to describe their show, is a disgrace for all the museums in the world.

Below, their advertising.

I would like to know how long it will take for someone to come up with the "Alien Invasion Museum"!

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Social Observer said...

Perhaps, like at many museums there is the "back-room" exhibit where we can see a collection of the defrock pedophiles, reprobates and inquisitors!

The hall of shame!