Sep 3, 2007

Size Matters...

...and I am not talking about the type of "size matters" that our daily spam delivers to us. I am talking about online 'widgets' those that you copy and paste a code and voila, you have added something to your site.

I must confess I am a sucker for these widgets and not necessary for the 'useful' ones. I love things like the ones that you can see below, that are not really useful, but a type of disguised advertising with sense of humor (in this case the site is NOW: it is not true what the spam wants you to believe that is all about BIG size... no no no, is always about the RIGHT size. By "right" size I mean a variety of sizes that allows us (the end user) to choose how we would insert that widget in our site.

For example, I would have included one of these images in the right column of this blog if I had an option for a smaller size, what would have give the image (and therefore the advertising) more exposure. Where they are, in this posting, they will be in the home page for more or less a week... while if they were in the right column they would have stayed for longer in the home page.

Well, these are the results I got from a couple of tests:

And based in its content, this blog is rated:

Sadly, this information will never make the right column, because 'size matters' ;)

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