Sep 4, 2007

Subtle (?) Advertising

Well, not so sure is subtle really, but kind of funny anyway. I feel bad for the little guy, as we say in Spanish, "so much swimming to end up dying at the shore"!

Beware: VERY graphic content.

Thanks Paulita!


Noelle Sisha said...

Hey! I didnt see your name, so allow me to call you Mystry this once.
I wish you would help me with a small professional problem, you say you're into advertising thus I ask.

Subtle advertising for a brand of shoes, who are basically "grandma and grandpa shoes" and yet want to attract the attention of the youth.

I thought of may be introducing the shoes into some pop t.v. show where a well loved youth wears them, or may be tie up with some book store and have them just display a poster with a grandparent and a grandchild sitting with same shoes on, close up on the shoe though.

I will appreciate it if you could help me solve my dellima, will introduce me next

San said...

HI Noelle,

Sadly to be able to seriously help you, I would need way more information. To make things worst, for your profile it seems to me you are in India and I know very little of that market. But going back to inforamation, to resolve a problem like this, you first need a good brief, a document with at least this basic information:

1. The "what" ( description of the product with its tanginble and intangible properties)
2. The "who" our actual consumers and/or our desire target
3. The "how": how we want to positionate the product
4. The "reason why" : why we can positionate it that way
5. If there is a repositioning, all the information about it
6. Environment as well as psycographig profile of your target (youth in NY may be extremely different from youth in Utah and still among 'young' people you have different profiles.

That would help a lot to solve your problem as then you can think in a strategy, not just in separate pieces or what media to use. Once you find a strategy, almost everything else is easy to figure out.

As you can see the basic information needed to seriously recommend one thing or other is much more than the one you could send me. Nevertheless, I would give you some more questions for you to think and hopefully they can help you with a strategy:

1. Why is this brand now appealing to young people? They want young people to buy those shoes for their parents and grandparents or for themselves?
2. What the brand has (can be an intangible as "being a good classic") that can appeal to youngsters?
3. When would youngsters use this shoes, in what ocassions?

Well, I hope this helps, San :)