Oct 18, 2007

A Matter of Perception...

There is no doubt that the Bush Jr. Administration (or lack thereof...) has changed the perception the entire world has about the US.

Now, for those that have ANY doubts about this fact, take a look at this Brazilian ad that made the shortlist at the Cannes Festival.

The product, a blender. The concept, "Mixes everything perfectly".

Each ad uses two pictures in the blender and the final result in a glass.

In one ad the final product is Clinton....,

...in the other ad the final product is Bush...

Uhm, mmmm... let me analyze this for a second... is not the best of Clinton's pictures, still... what I read between the lines is:

1. Washington (an intelligent, eloquent statesman) + Hugh Grant (a seductive, charming guy that was caught in a sex scandal) = Clinton

2. Bush Father (a stiff sanctimonious guy) + Alfred Newman, the MAD character (dumb, idiot funny one) = Bush Jr.

You still don't think there was a change in the general perception? You think that is just because I am a girl that I would rather go with the eloquent, brilliant, charismatic one?

Arrived via: AdFreak.com (AdWeek)---> Adsoftheworld.com--->Advert-Eyes

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