Oct 17, 2007

Let's Make a Deal

The most common question I got from friends, foes and strangers is:

"How in HELL did you find THAT?"

Seems that the "found via" that I normally include with a link to the original site where I found "THAT" (whatever that is) is not enough. They want to know how I arrived to that website.

The truth is that I have 4 or 5 starting points but because I am very curious I can jump from site to site through the most unexpected links until I arrived to 'something' that catches my attention or makes me think and... a post is born!

So, let's make a deal: I will include at the end of the each posting a "xxxx---->yyyy---->zzzz" in a smaller font, that will let you know how I arrived to THAT. Now, just the last site (zzzz) will be an actual link, as it would take me too much time if I have to trace down my steps, links et al!

Capisce? From now on, when you see at the end of a post a:
...it simply indicates how I arrived to "THAT" :-)

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