Oct 17, 2007

The Value of Words (part I)

I am a sucker for words... or better said for the use of the 'right' words. In fact, I think that the thing that I suffer the most from being here in the US is that my knowledge of English is not as good as my knowledge of Spanish (duh, of course!). When I express this feeling, here and there people would compliment me on my English, and I know is not that bad...but I am used to be in command when it comes to words!

Let's face it... you can't be a witty, sarcastic smart ass if you can't play with words and "shoot them back" in less than2 seconds! So sometimes I feel like I've lost part of my personality just by not having the 'exact' word in the 'exact' moment: I do have the 'exact' thought but not always I can translate it to words in English at the desire speed and in some cases if they are not said at the right moment, they are not worth saying.

I have much more to say about the subject of words. I love words. I value them, I cherish them. I enjoy a good speech, to hear the right words at the right moment with the right cadence, intonation and context. I hate to see how the average vocabulary in use (in both English and Spanish) seems to have been shrinking by the minute over the last 10 years.

For now I will let you enjoy a short Spanish commercial that pokes fun at just THAT fact!

(the English subtitles are mine, trying Mojiti for the first time)

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