Nov 8, 2007

And the Winner Is...

Tonight the winners of the Weblogs Awards will be finally announced.

No, UglyDoggy wasn't a contender (yet.. be prepared for next year!) but I am happy to see that so far the Blog most voted for "Best Blog" is PostSecret.

PostSecret is one of my favorites blogs since I saw their first book at Borders and not just because I want to know what horrible secrets people need to share but because of the idea. I like the idea. It was original, bright, new. And of course I DO want to know all the horrible secrets that people need to share!

I personally didn't vote for any blog this year..., yesterday was the last day to vote and coincidentally was my sabbatical day from the computer. I spent almost 90% of the day AWAY from the computer (can you believe it??)

I didn't like so much seeing so many blogs nominated that are part of what have become big blog media groups. Less I like the fact that under some categories you have competing blogs from the same media group or the fact that there is no category for media, marketing, creativity or advertising all the areas this blog is involved in! And I don't think our category is "culture" even if CoolHunter is in that one!

It doesn´t matter. You know me. I will be bothering the organizers until we got at least one category. I am not the only one blogging on those topics!

Meanwhile, go to this year Weblogs Awards' site and have fun visiting each of the nominated blogs. A bit of everything but some new nice material to go through :)

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