Nov 5, 2007

Answers @ Your Fingertips

Some of you may have noticed already a new small banner in the left right column of my blog (*). Is a widget from and the idea is that if you don't know a term in this blog (and English term), you can simple double-click on it and Answers will help with... ehem, well, some answers.

Is not a translation tool like Babylon, nor 100% a dictionary but I hope it will be helpful anyway for all my friends that complain about the fact I write in English and not in Spanish... (Paulita? Would you use it?).

One VERY cool detail is that when it brings back the definition of the word, also brings back an option to hear how that word shoul be pronounced.

Now, because it is not a translation tool, sometimes when you double click on a very common term, Answers come back with the most unusual answer.. that is the case if you double click "much more": a music album is the first answer so if you want to know the meaning of much, you have to click on "others" at the top of the answer.

...Uglydoggy now has all the answers!... :)

(*)See comments below. UglyDoggy may have all the answers but still is "space challenged" :))

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

...Uglydoggy now has all the answers!... :)

Except, unless I'm compleeeetely mistaken, that banner is in the RIGHT column :)

Ugly Doggy, go back to the 1st grade.