Nov 15, 2007

Good Dog

Another myth is that babies and puppies in advertising 'sells'. As I said before when talking about how "sex sells" there are not such things as easy formulas, ladies and gentlemen.

It is true though that a good looking baby or a great puppy may help in making your ad more memorable (what does not translates in more sales necessary but is a step towards that --if the ad also makes the product and the brand memorable).

All this long introduction to confess that yes, this ad caught my eye because of the doggie in it, BUT I am not sharing it just because of that. It is still a pretty decent ad: I don't speak Thai and I understood the idea perfectly as well as which is the product that is trying to sell.

On the creative side it may seem a bit flat but the ad is very well produced and the 'acting' of the dog as well as some other details of the movie makes up for what is not there in creativity.

I guess you too don't speak Thai but you understood what the ad was about, right? ;)


George Karahalios said...

lovely article!
I found your blog after reading a post of yours on asw.
best regards

Zed said...

Yep I got it at once :-) It's a social ad for tortured doggies ;-)