Dec 4, 2007

No More Mojiti for You!

No, is not a typo. I am not talking about those refreshing cuban Mojitos but about the site, Mojiti. Apparently it will be closing pretty soon.

My guess is that (as it frequently happens with online projects) they were expecting a larger number of users in a shorter timeframe. Or that they faced unexpected legal problems on their way. But that is just a guess.

The facts are that they have sent an email to their members, stating that "The team is moving on to other online video related projectsand services, so we will be closing the Mojiti services on December 10." .

A pity, as it was an easy way to comment and subtitle videos. Good news is that it never was the only tool for that. So bye bye, farewell, ciao, Mojiti. We will miss you but such is (the online) life!

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