Dec 5, 2007

When the World Is Your Tetris

The project is called Mikontalo Lights and this is the latest video about it, right before the main event, that was yesterday in Finland.

The idea? To transform a building into a giant Tetris, controlled by a mobile phone via Bluetooth. But watch the video. I like how it express some of the 'programmers' idea of fun. Is the type of creation that is more about "can we do it?" than anything else.

What is interesting is that the whole project is also an ad or at least a marketing idea, as they also wanted to do it as a way to focus attention on the (good) level of their University.

As it often happens, I am sure this project started as a fun challenge but that can be seen as useless now, will be the seed for some very useful developments. Congratulations to those finnish students!

Found via -->typo in YouTube :)) See more in their site and their blog.

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