Dec 7, 2007

Santa's Identity

Normally, "the Christmas spirit" gets me on The Grinch' side in two seconds.

You have to hear the same songs for almost a month (even the heavy metal radios seem to have a heavy metal version of Jingle Bells, for Christ's sake!) and you have to spend half of your month thinking in presents and the other half buying those presents.

I don't like shopping at all and I am not religious, therefore, most of the time Christmas just annoys me.

But as with everything else, there are exceptions and creative ads about the Christmas Holiday Season are one of them. I am not talking sappy, joyful, touchy "the-best-season-is-coming" type of ads but the ones more in line with the one below....

Do I feel bad for these kids findings about Santa's identity? No, I don't. This happens to them for being noisy kids.. and for me, anyway...,

THIS is the Christmas spirit!
(just make sure you watch it until the end)

Thanks Luc for sending me the ad! (and Happy Christmas for you too, ho ho ho)

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