Jan 17, 2008

Calling All Brazilian Readers (Not Anymore)

Today I came accross a nice Brazilian website (that will go into my list of links right now) called "Direto do Forno". If my very basic Portuguese is right, that would translate as "Direct from the Oven".

According to this site, a new campaign from Tim Telephonica has been launched and all the campaign is using the adorable creatures that you can see in the picture.

I tried to find the campaign, but without luck. Yeah, I have been in the site of the company and visiting the site of McCann Brazil, the agency in charge but I only found some not-so-good banners.

So...., to my friends in Brazil, if the campaign is as good as the toys used for it... can you send me a sample of it? I am not asking for the TV spot, but I would love to see something from that campaign! (thanks in advance) ;)

UPDATE: Today I found out that the TV commercial is already online. You can see it in Portuguese here. I will try my best to have a translated version soon to post in UD.

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